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How To Keep Your House Tidy With Pets

A-1 Squeaky Clean is the Maid Service Austin Pet Owner’s Trust

Is your pet a one-man wrecking crew? If yes, read on to discover tidy-tips for pet owners from the experts of A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service. If you have a pet, you know how much they add to a homeunconditional love, slobbery kisses, and constant fun, to name a few. Every pet owner also knows that their furry friend brings something else into a home: a mess. If your pet’s mess doesn’t align with your tidy lifestyle, try implementing these tips from A-1 Squeaky Clean, the maid service Austin residents trust. Keep you and your four-legged friend, happy as can be.

  1. Embrace Creative Storage Solutions.

Every pet has a favorite toy (or ten). Those vibrant, squeaky toys might not look too lovely scattered across your living room floor, though. Creative hidden storage keeps toys accessible, but unseen by the eye. A common storage solution is to store items within an ottoman, which are often manufactured to offer extra storage. You’ll be surprised how much this small tip will tidy up the appearance of your home!

  1. Control the Fur Fiasco (To The Best of Your Ability).

If you own a shaggy pooch or a long-haired feline, their furry coat may be one of your greatest frustrations. Even with regular grooming, it can be difficult to contain your pet’s fur explosions. Placing a blanket where they rest often is a quick solution. Shake the blanket outside periodically and follow-up by vacuuming the surrounding areas. A cleaning service or housekeeping service can also help you clean the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies where fur may gather. A-1 Squeaky Clean is the maid service Austin pet owners rely on to keep their pet mess under control. 

  1. Keep Those Paws Squeaky-Clean.

If your pet is notorious for leaving behind muddy paw-print trails, this tip is for you. Keep a damp towel near the entrance of your home, and gently wipe the paws of your four-legged friend upon entry. This extra step to keep your fur-child clean will leave your home looking nice and tidy.

  1. Know That Accidents HappenAnd Be Prepared.

No matter how well trained your pet may be, accidents are bound to happen. But you can’t stay mad at those sweet faces! The key is to clean stains quickly with the appropriate cleaning supplies. On carpet, blot the stain with a clean cloth, absorbing as much of the stain as possible. Follow with a cleaning solution, then dry the carpet by blotting with a dry towel. If the stain persists, consider calling a cleaning service to rid your home of the stain.

  1. Customize Your Pet’s Dining Area.

Our furry friends don’t have the best table manners. Since animal cotillion isn’t an option (yet), try to counteract your pet’s messy eating habits with a “pet placemat.” Laminate a piece of paper and place it under your pet’s dining area. Not only does this designate their space in a cute, creative way, it makes cleanup as simple as a wipe.

If you’re seeking a maid service Austin residents trust to keep their home tidy, but pet-friendly, contact A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service to receive loyal and honest maid service every time. 


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