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Choosing The Right Cleaning Products For Your Home

Knowing What To Choose and Use Keeps Furnishings Clean and Protected


When it comes to house cleaning, we know that lots of people have their own preferences. At A-1 Squeaky Clean, we’ll provide our own cleaning products when caring for your Cedar Park, TX home. We’re the maid service Cedar Park has turned to for years to provide careful and thorough cleaning for homes of all sizes. For expert housekeeping Cedar Park TX, residents look to A-1 Squeaky Clean for the right treatments for all surfaces in all rooms.

When it comes to housekeeping Cedar Park TX, residents have their own preferences when it comes to products, here’s how to choose the right products for your home, whether for your own work or that of a trusted house cleaning service.

Know Your Needs

Some families require the use of particular products due to allergies or ingredient sensitivities. There are important factors to consider when choosing cleaning products. If you are particularly interested in environmental issues, you can also opt for products that are more environmentally friendly.

Know Which Products Are Universal or Specific

Not all cleaning products are formulated to do the same type of cleaning. Degreasers, for example, are designed to remove food and stains from counters, cabinets, and walls. By contrast, tile cleaners are designed to tackle kitchens and bathrooms, removing stains and dissolving minerals. Abrasive cleaners use small particles in the substance to help in the cleaning process.

Using an abrasive cleaner, for example, on tiles can scratch and harm the materials. Degreasers used on furniture can remove paints and finishes and can damage the wood surfaces.

Look At The Labels

Labels provide helpful information about the ingredients in the cleaning products you opt for and what surfaces they should be used on. Some may also need to be diluted in certain concentrations to be safe and used effectively.

One oft-overlooked component of label watching is the tools used with the products. The brooms, brushes, sponges, and mops you choose may also be best used for certain surfaces. Using a brush, for example, on the wrong surface, can scratch and otherwise damage the material.

Consider Cost and Price

A basic cotton mop may cost only a few dollars while a microfiber model can cost 6-8 times as much. If considering a product based solely on price, the basic cotton mop may appear to win out. However, consider that the microfiber model can clean the same surface area in half the time and be laundered many more times than the cotton model. In the long run, the larger up-front cost may be worth it.

When looking for a maid service or housekeeping Cedar Park TX residents have as many choices as they do for cleaning products. At A-1 Squeaky Clean, you’ll have a partner in the care of your Cedar Park, TX, home.

We take the time to understand your cleaning needs, product preferences, and special requests. We develop a cleaning plan for your home that is complete and meets the needs of you and your family.


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