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The Squeaky Clean Difference | Why A-1 Squeaky Clean Are The Most Trusted House Cleaners Cedar Park TX

Attention to Detail, Professional Staff, Great Results Help A-1 Squeaky Clean Shine


When you walk into a just-cleaned house, it lifts your spirit and puts a spring in your step. At A-1 Squeaky Clean, we want you to feel that way every day. As house cleaners Cedar Park TX, we take great pride in delivering exceptional maid service in Cedar Park TX. Find out just what makes A-1 Squeaky Clean the house cleaning service of choice.

Our experience and dedication to our customers and our employees makes a big difference. We’ve been providing house cleaning services for more than 30 years. Our customers and employees remain loyal to us because we are a small maid service that makes a personal investment in our staff and in the homes we take care of. Our focus is on making our customers happy.

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to Cedar Park TX house cleaners. Here are a few of the reasons A-1 Squeaky Clean comes out on top.

  • We Are Thorough. When it comes to your home, we know dirt and dust can be sneaky. That’s why we pay close attention to those parts of the home that can go overlooked. For us, that means we clean window sills and baseboards throughout the home, make sure mini-blinds are dusted and carefully wipe picture frames extensively.
  • We Don’t Nickle and Dime. After an initial consultation, we work to develop a written proposal for cleaning your home, factoring in the size, number of residents, presence of pets, and usage of rooms. We detail the work we do for you, such as using lemon oil to polish doors. We also provide additional services as requested, such as cleaning the interior of ovens and refrigerators, for an additional charge.
  • You’ll Love Our Service. We encourage you to check our work. We’re confident you’ll find that the rugs have been vacuumed (including underneath the beds and couches), kitchen and bathroom floors are thoroughly scrubbed and washed, and that the corners of walls and floors are free of dust and buildup. Sinks will sparkle and mirrors are shiny. If you’re not satisfied or you think we missed a spot, let us know!
  • References Speak For Themselves. We are happy to provide references for homes like yours. Check out our Testimonials section to learn what some of our customers say about our professionalism and quality of our work.
  • We Protect Your Property. We are fully insured and bonded. In the rare instance that something is broken or damaged, our liability insurance coverage will make sure you are protected. In addition, all of our employees are vetted via thorough background checks and we carry worker’s compensation insurance.

We are guests in your home. During our stay, each time, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that we will do our jobs professionally and thoroughly. We give you and your home the personal attention you deserve.


If you are looking for house cleaners Cedar Park TX, contact the experts at A-1 Squeaky Clean.

Why You Should Hire a Professional House Cleaner for Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung in Cedar Park, TX, meaning it’s time to think about giving your home a complete cleaning.

Throwing the windows open and starting the season with a fully cleaned home can bring you joy and great satisfaction. At A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service, we are the house cleaner service that keeps your home sparkling and shiny. When you need maid service that is fast and reliable, count on our cleaners to do the job right.

Surprisingly, spring cleaning is more than just an annual ritual. Increasingly, research is showing that spring cleaning has very real benefits. Here are five reasons why using a professional house cleaner is good for you:

  1. Lower Stress. When your living spaces are clean and organized, your stress levels are lower. It keeps your space tidy, allows you to find things easier and reduces the stress of worrying about when you must clean it yourself.
  2. Better Focus. Cleaning helps clear out the clutter in your living space…and your mind. With a cleaner space comes a clearer focus. When your home is clean, your mind can focus on other, more important matters. A study by the Anxiety Disorder Center showed that a clean home gives you more ability to focus on important decision-making and frees your mind of stress and worry.
  3. More Productivity. A cleaner and decluttered home helps you be more focused on what matters most. You can be more productive when you’re not dodging debris, thinking about what needs to be cleaned or wondering about finding the time to get housework done.
  4. Be Happy. When you walk into a clean room, you will have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with knowing your space is in tip-top shape. You will be happier when our maid service delivers a home that is spic and span from floor to ceiling.
  5. It’s Healthy. Not only is a clean home good for your mental state of being, it’s good for your physical health too. When your home is clean, it is freer of molds, bacteria and viruses that can make you, your family and visitors physically ill. Cleaning reduces allergens and contaminants by getting rid of dust, germs and pollen that can build up on surfaces and in the fibers of carpets and window dressings.

At A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service, we provide Cedar Park TX customers with a house cleaner who will do the job carefully and consistently. For 30 years, we have been a top choice for home owners and apartment and condo residents looking for thorough house cleaning services.

Throughout your home, we dust mirrors, baseboards, mini-blinds and furniture. We vacuum carpets and vacuum and mop floors throughout. We reach those parts of your home that may not regularly be cleaned, such as hanging light fixtures, ceiling fans and the tops of refrigerators and stove hoods. We disinfect bathrooms and kitchens and remove trash from throughout the home.

If you are looking for a house cleaner in Austin TX or Cedar Park TX, contact the experts at A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service today at (512) 223-0320.

House Cleaning Austin | Five Tips from a Maid Service with 30+ years Experience

A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service, the Most Trusted House Cleaning Service in Austin, TX 


Your home is your personal sanctuary. You want to feel relaxed and at peace whenever you’re there. Unfortunately, if you’re living in a disorganized, chaotic, or unclean space, it can feel anything but. Living like this doesn’t make you a horrible person. Sometimes you become busy and neglect your space or you may simply just not like cleaning. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure that your space is clean. As the experts of house cleaning Austin residents rely on, we have a few tips and tricks to share. If you are looking to hire someone to do your house cleaning, or you want to take care of some cleaning in between maid visits, follow these 5 cleaning tips:


  1. Start With A List


At A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service we love to clean, like REALLY love to clean. But we understand that not everyone may feel the same. One thing that can help people who are not all that jazzed about house cleaning is creating a checklist. A checklist will ensure that you stay on task, while giving an overview of the expectations of what’s needed in the home. Consider splitting tasks up by room. Also write down which rooms need to be done daily or weekly. The more you get used to doing the checklist, the more quickly you’ll be able to whiz through each room.


  1. Divide and Conquer


If you have children or a partner, you shouldn’t have to tackle all of the house cleaning duties alone! The more hands on deck, the easier it will be to get through the house cleaning. Give simple tasks like dusting, or putting away toys, to the younger kids. You can delegate harder chores to the older kids, or adults in the home. Play some music, or offer rewards, to make it fun.


  1. Work From Top to Bottom


The most important thing about cleaning is to work smarter, not harder. Whenever you begin cleaning, start from the top of the room, and work your way down. Dust always settles on the floor. So do your dusting first, so that you don’t end up creating more of a mess on the floor. You can also work left to right. Segment each task by section. Keep it simple.


  1. Use the Right Tools


If you want a house that will be the envy of all of your friends, invest in the right tools. The right tools will make all of the difference in terms of house cleaning. These products may be a bit pricier, but they will last longer, and so will the results of your house cleaning.


  1. Maintenance


If you can remember any tip from our list, remember this- maintenance is your friend. Oftentimes, cleaning can seem a lot bigger than it is, simply because you are not cleaning often enough. If you wait weeks before you clean, you will end up taking a lot longer to get tasks done, and you’re likely to not enjoy the process. Be sure to speed clean. Pick up things at the end of the day, and give the room a once over before sleeping. This is a lot easier than trying to cram a major cleaning session all in one day.


Are you currently looking for a professional maid service in Austin, TX? A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service offers over 30 years of service in Austin. Our goal is to bring you top quality cleaning service, at an affordable rate. To learn more about our house cleaning services, contact us at 512.331.0320 today.

Best House Cleaner Austin TX

Best House Cleaner Austin TX

A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service Offers Thorough, Affordable House Cleaning

When you need a house cleaner, you want a service that is reliable, trustworthy and detail-focused. The house cleaner Austin TX turns to for fast, complete and impeccable maid service is A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to cleaning your home. Let us show you how we shine!

Here are a few tips to think about when hiring a house cleaning or maid service in Austin TX.

Service Versus Individual

You may think hiring an individual maid service is the best route, believing that one person will give personalized attention and care. However, when they or someone in their family is sick, they want to take a vacation or their car breaks down, you’re out of luck. A house cleaning service can usually provide the same staff to clean your home with the same personalized attention each time. But if an emergency arises, there will be back-up staff available to cover your cleaning needs. With a team approach, the amount of time your home will be disrupted is greatly reduced as well.

Have a Conversation

A house cleaner Austin TX homeowners may want to hire should be phoned first. Have a conversation with someone at the service to explain pricing, timing, types of products used, licensing and insurance, and how long they’ve been in business.

Following initial phone screens, you want to ask potential maid services to visit you in your home. There, you should walk through the home with the representative, pointing out particular areas of need, special cleaning products you do or do not want used and any other unique features or needs.

Do not worry about cleaning your home before your assessment occurs. You want the service to have an accurate estimate of what’s needed to clean. Your estimate will be based on the general cleanliness and clutter, the square footage, frequency of needed services and how long cleaners will need to be in your home.

Be Clear with Amount of Time and Work Done

You want to have a thorough listing of what services will be provided every time your home is cleaned, and what services will be done on an intermittent or as-needed basis. Most maid services have a minimum appointment duration and will provide an itemized list of what work was done each time, if requested.

Should You Stay or Go?

There is no formal rule about whether homeowners should stay or leave. Some prefer to remain in the home or to point out certain needs. Others would rather leave the house to give the cleaner unfettered access to the work needed to be done.

About A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service

At A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service, we offer a full range of cleaning services. We will treat your kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas and living spaces with care and attention to detail. We will dust and polish furniture and fixtures to leave your property sparking from top to bottom. If you are looking for a house cleaner Austin TX or a maid service Austin TX, contact A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service at (512) 331-0320 or a1squeak@sbcglobal.net.

House Cleaner Cedar Park TX

Professional House Cleaning Service You Can
Depend On In Cedar Park TX

Keeping a home clean is challenging for most people in this day and age when we are all trying to balance managing a home, career and family. Whether you work long hours or are busy taking care of your children, keeping your home clean without the help of a professional house cleaning service could be unrealistic. It is therefore ideal to hire the best professional house cleaning service in Cedar Park TX or surrounding area of Austin TX. Here are a few reasons you should hire a professional house cleaner that fits for your needs:

  1. You have a busy schedule

Hiring a house cleaner or house cleaning service in Austin TX or Cedar Park TX is ideal if you have a busy schedule. With a busy career or kids to take care of, finding time to clean and maintain your home can be an ongoing struggle. With the help of a weekly house cleaner, you will be able to save time to do more things that you enjoy than trying to fit in cleaning your home.

  1. Enjoy your free time

With a professional house cleaning service in Austin TX, you can focus on more important things when you get time off of work or have down time.

  1. Never come home to a dirty home

When you hire a professional house cleaning service in Cedar Park TX, you won’t have to worry about coming home to a dirty home at the end of the day. Your house cleaner will be responsible for the cleanliness of your home, and you can come home from your busy day to enjoy your personal space and relax instead of coming home to clean up a mess.

  1. A regular cleaning schedule

When you find the right house cleaner, you can decide on a set schedule each week so that you are guaranteed a clean home and that your house is maintained on a regular basis.

  1. Quality cleaning products

A professional house cleaner will know what products work best and which cleaning products work on the specific surfaces in your home.

  1. Finding a house cleaner

House cleaning companies in Austin TX and Cedar Park TX are easy to find but finding the best one in Austin Texas can take some research. A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid is the best and most popular professional house cleaning service in Cedar Park TX and the Austin TX area.

  1. House cleaners are experienced

A house cleaner in Cedar Park TX will have the knowledge of the best way to clean different areas of your home.

  1. Customized house cleaning

When you hire a professional house cleaning service in Austin TX, you and your house cleaner can work together to devise the perfect cleaning plan for your home. You can let your house cleaner know what is important to you and what your priorities are so that you are happy every time you come home to your cleaned home.

Hiring a house cleaner in Austin TX or Cedar Park TX is a great solution for busy individuals to keep their house clean while spending their free time doing the things that they love. If you are looking for a house cleaner in Austin TX or Cedar Park TX, consider A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service. Our experienced team of house cleaners will come to your home and give you a free consultation and quote for your house cleaning. Contact us at (512) 331-0320 or via email at a1squeak@sbcglobal.net.

Looking For The Best Maid Service in Cedar Park TX?

A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service is the Best Maid Service in
Cedar Park TX and Austin TX

Your home is your personal sanctuary. It’s where you go to relax at the end of a long day, so it’s really important to make sure it reflects the type of environment you want to feel peace in. One of the ways you can help make your place feel more like home is by investing in a professional house cleaning service in Austin TX. Let’s face it, when you’ve worked a long, hard day, cleaning can sometimes be the last thing you want to do. Why not hire the best maid service in Cedar Park TX who can get the job done right, the first time.


Maybe you’re debating on whether or not you should use a house cleaning service for your Cedar Park TX home. After all, to some, a maid service seems like a luxury that they can’t afford. But sometimes, a maid service is absolutely necessary. In case you need more convincing, here are a few reasons why you may need to hire a housekeeper, and they’re all completely valid.

  • You Have a Hectic Schedule: No matter if you work fulltime, or you’ve got a busy family life, sometimes life in general just gets in the way of a clean home. You may be parents, or a busy working professional. Either way, don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of living in the clean environment you deserve.
  • You Don’t Know How to Clean: Not knowing how to clean is not something to be ashamed of. Some people aren’t taught how to clean the right way. And maybe if you were, you didn’t retain much of what you learned. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, hire a great maid service that can do all of the hard work for you.
  • You Don’t Like Cleaning: Here’s the deal, we love to clean, like really, really love it! But we also understand that not everyone shares the same zeal for cleaning like we do. This is not a problem. Why waste time doing something that you don’t love? You only have a certain amount of hours in a day. So focus on the things you love doing, and let us take care of the things you don’t


So now that you’ve figured out you should probably hire a house cleaning service, you now need to decide which maid service is right for you. Well, there are many highly qualified maid services in Cedar Park TX and Austin TX, but A-1 Squeaky Clean will make sure the job is done right. Here’s how we stand out amongst our competition.

  • We Operate With Integrity: Sometimes when you hire a maid service, you find that you were quoted one thing on the phone, only to be given another much higher rate, after the job is complete. Not with A-1 Squeaky Clean. The quote you are given the first time is how much the entire service will be. NO SURPRISES.
  • We Were Voted #1: Sure, anyone can clean your home. But why not work with a maid cleaning service that you can trust? Our track record has been proven time and again. In fact, we’ve been voted as the #1 maid service in Austin, Texas!
  • House Cleaning is Customizable: We work hard to make sure our clients are satisfied. We understand that each of our customers has their own individual needs, so we make our home cleaning service completely customizable. You choose the days/times that work best for you, as well as the rooms, services and cleaning products that you prefer.

You may not think you deserve a maid cleaning for your home. But we promise you, it’s definitely worth the investment. Let us help you experience the difference. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t done this all along. If you are looking for a maid service in Cedar Park TX or Austin TX, then contact A-1 Squeaky Clean. Give us a call at (512) 331-0320, so we can help your home shine today.

Quality House Cleaning That You Can Trust Austin Texas

Find A Quality And Trustworthy House Cleaning Service In Austin Texas
With A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Services

You always hear about spring-cleaning but why never fall cleaning?  The house gets dirty throughout the seasons and Fall is no exception.  Whether the house has mud all over it, brought in after the rain, or just dirt and grime from the kids playing outside, A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service in Austin, TX is the professional house cleaning service to hire to keep your Austin TX home looking squeaky clean.  As one of the most trusted maid services in Austin TX, A-1 Squeaky Clean is the house cleaning service you can rely on for a Fall deep cleaning or a weekly cleaning service.

You can only do so much as a homeowner to keep your home clean, but as a professional house cleaning service we can get everything you missed and clean what you didn’t even think was dirty.  It’s the start of a very busy time of year, and as the weather shifts, it’s time to prepare for ways to keep your home clean. Along with a trustworthy maid service, there are some things you can do to make your house seem cleaner and more put together for Fall, Here is a simple check list of things you could do to keep your house clean, on top of calling A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service as your professional house cleaning service:


  1. Clean all bedding and bring out all winter bedding – Once the weather starts to get colder you’ll want to have the heavier blankets ready for the Fall.


  1. Get your kitchen organized for the holidays- It will be less stressful during the holidays if you have your cabinets organized and prepped. You will also get an idea of what types of serving wear you have to determine if you need to buy more for your holiday parties.


  1. Store patio furniture – When the summer comes to a close you’ll want to store the furniture you won’t be using during the colder months so that the furniture isn’t damaged by winter weather and you don’t have to replace outdoor furniture next year.


  1. See if all doors are closing tightly- You don’t want to wait to find out if your doors have gaps when the weather starts dropping to freezing. Gaps in doors can bring in dust and dirt that will need to be cleaned. Seal up your doors to keep your house clean and warm.


  1. Clean out the gutters- Check your gutters to see if there is debris that has gathered in your gutters that can prevent blockage when it starts to rain. The leaves are starting to fall and it is important to keep you gutters clear so that there isn’t blockage.


  1. Switch out décor- It is the end of Summer and that means it’s time to put away all that Summer décor. If you don’t have that much then you can just start pulling out the Fall décor and changing up the colors to go with your autumn themed decorations.


These are just some simple tips and tricks to help make your home seem less cluttered and also prepare for the colder months. But most important to keeping your house clean and ready for holiday hosting, is to hire a quality maid service in Austin Tx that you can trust. The maids at A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service provide professional cleaning service and are ready to make your home spotless and ready for Fall.  Fall also brings change and the consistent use of a maid service will make it easier on you when it comes to keeping the home tidy in the midst of all that change.  Reach out to A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service to help get your house cleaned by people you can trust.


Finding an Honest Maid Service in Austin TX

A-1 Squeaky Clean Honest Maid Service Offers Dependable, Trustworthy House Cleaning

When you hire a maid service for house cleaning in Austin TX, you want to know that the people cleaning your house are trustworthy. With A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service you can be confident that our cleaning service provides you with a reliable, dependable, screened and honest house cleaning team.

Inviting someone into your home to clean is an intimate experience. You need to be confident that the house cleaning will be done with discretion, care, and respect for your privacy and personal belongings. A maid who violates that trust can leave you feeling vulnerable and betrayed.

The Internet is full of horror stories from homeowners who arrive to find items missing from the home or that a maid service did not spend the amount of time billed for the services. Homeowners who hire a cleaning service are justifiably angry when theft occurs or items are broken and then hidden.

A Squeaky Clean Option

Austin TX homeowners are fortunate to have a great house cleaning option available. With A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service, you’ll partner with a 30-year-old company that’s been providing top service to customers since 1986.

Whether you live in an Austin TX condo, home, a classic construction or an apartment, our professional house cleaners leave your living space clean and revitalized. The shine on the surfaces will equal the smiles on your face.

Our business is not a franchise owned by a large corporate cleaning service provider. We are independently owned and operated and our employees live in our community.

Team members at A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service undergo pre-employment background checks and are insured. We strive to provide the same maids for each appointment, allowing you to develop your own relationship and our employees to know your preferences and cleaning needs. We want you to be delighted every time we clean your home and we stand by our work.

How Our House Cleaning Service Works

A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service provides accurate, customized quotes to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the work we do, the time we will spend and the affordable prices. All our house cleaners come to your home with all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies, so there’s no need to monitor what’s needed before a visit.

For each home, we create a specialized plan, working in tandem with our clients. We want to know your expectations, problem areas, preferences, and priorities.

We are highly flexible, too. If you need a one-time or ongoing cleaning need, want to switch your scheduled cleaning time, want us to use a particular cleaning product, or need us to not clean a certain room, just say the word. We work with your schedule to find the time that works best for you.

Our Services

A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service provides a full range of cleaning services, from window sills to picture frames, glass tables to light fixtures. We make sure to dust and clean all the nooks and crannies where dirt can gather. We also make sure to pay attention to oft-overlooked items, like cleaning the trash cans and wiping away fingerprints. From the kitchen to the playroom, you can count on A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service for all your home cleaning needs.

If you are in need of an honest and trustworthy house cleaning service in Austin TX, then contact A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service at 512.331.0320.


The Best Maid Service in Austin TX and Surrounding Areas

Try A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service for Your House Cleaning Needs in Austin Texas

When you’re looking for the best maid service and top-rated housekeeping services in Austin, Texas, you don’t need to look any further than A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service.

Since 1986, A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service has provided a full range of house cleaning services to customers in Austin TX and Cedar Park TX. During our 30 years of business, we have cleaned and cared for all kinds of living spaces, from apartments to large family homes to condominiums.

We are not part of a large, impersonal chain of cleaning service franchises. We are independently owned and operated and pride ourselves on the personal attention and exceptional service that we provide.

Our Approach

A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service offers customers accurate quotes, ensuring there are no surprises during your cleaning session. We provide our house cleaners with the supplies and equipment they need to thoroughly clean your living space.

You’ll see familiar faces during our visits and we provide quality consistent services each and every time we clean your home. We aim to provide affordable and reliable services starting with our very first visit. We back all of our services and employees and want you to be completely satisfied with our work.

What We Do

A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service develops a customized house cleaning plan for each of our clients. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs, preferences and expectations. If you want us to use a specific cleaning product, have a specific ongoing or one-time need, need to change your regularly scheduled cleaning time, or want us to disregard a particular room, we will work diligently to accommodate your needs.

We will schedule recurring appointments based on the schedule that best meets your needs and budget.

Services We Offer

Maid service and housekeeping services vary from client to client. They begin with standard services offered throughout your home, including cleaning window sills, wall hangings and picture frames, baseboards, mirrors and mini-blinds. We will remove cobwebs and make sure your floors are vacuumed and mopped.

We know dust can gather in all sorts of spaces in your home. That’s why we make sure to dust and polish inside entertainment centers, bookshelves and fireplace mantles. We take care to clean carefully when dusting glass tables, lamps, light fixtures and ceiling fans.

We use lemon oil to remove pesky fingerprints on doors, including storm doors and patio glass doors. We happily clean your utility room and washer and dryer area. We make sure all your trash cans are emptied and cleaned and trash removed from the home. Your beds will be stripped and remade during our visit.

Your kitchen is usually one of the busiest rooms in your home and needs special attention. We make sure all your kitchen cabinets are dusted and wiped down. Your small appliances, from toasters to coffee makers to stand mixers get special attention. We clean the inside and outside of your microwave oven, the stove top and hood, the top and outside of your refrigerator, the outside of your oven and the outside of your dishwasher. Your counters and sink will sparkle. We also clean refrigerator or oven interiors for an additional charge.

When you want to be sure there’s a personal touch to your cleaning needs, turn to A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service, the best maid service in the Austin, Texas, area.

Hiring a Professional Maid Service for Spring Cleaning Cedar Park TX

Squeaky Clean Maid Service in Cedar Park Texas Provides Quality House Cleaning Services

Summer may already be here, but did you remember to break out your dusters and brooms and get spring cleaning done? Probably not! That’s okay, you’re sure to be busy and you still have time to get your things in order before the opportunity is gone. If you haven’t had time until now to do any cleaning, you may feel frustrated with the condition of your home. That’s where finding a professional maid service such as A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service in Cedar Park TX can be quite helpful. If you don’t maintain your home, dirt and dust will start to accumulate over time. A-1 Squeaky Clean Maid Service can ease your stress by doing the dirty work for you. We offer you convenience by keeping your home spotless and smelling fresh especially for those who simply do not have the time or energy to keep up with house cleaning.

Don’t let your home get the summer blues, instead treat it to a nice cleaning. A-1 Squeaky Clean offers professional house cleaning services in Cedar Park TX making sure that your floors, sinks, and countertops are left SQUEAKY CLEAN. Once you hire a maid or cleaning service like A-1 Squeaky Clean to clean your home, cleaning your home is a task that you will no longer have to worry yourself with. With our service, you will find that your daily agenda allows for more time to relax in between schedule times. A cluttered home makes a cluttered mind and decluttering your house will leave you feeling less anxious and not in a rush. Maid services like A-1 Squeaky Clean offers our clients a luxury of having more time to relax instead of stress and anxiety of an unclean home. Furthermore, spring cleaning is best as a refresher, your stress needs to be cleaned away.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional maid service in Cedar Park TX, give us a call! Our highly experienced staff at A-1 Squeaky Clean will make your home shine so you can feel proud to call your house your home. After all, your home is your castle and you should always feel like Royalty in your home.

For Maid Service or House Cleaning in Cedar Park TX or surrounding areas of Austin Texas, Pflugerville TX, Cedar Park TX, Lakeway TX, Leander TX, Oak Hill TX, Round Rock TX, and Georgetown TX, contact A-1 Squeaky Clean at (512) 331-0320.




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